With the further introduction of national environmental protection policies, taigui pharmaceutical responded positively and increased the investment in environmental protection costs. Purchase environmental protection equipment, improve wastewater treatment technology, and ensure that all indicators meet policy standards. Environmental protection technology and equipment have played a key role.

The company has established wastewater biochemical device and carried out source control, intermediate management, end treatment and cleaner production technology transformation. The company also hired experts to transform the “three wastes” treatment technology, newly install and transform anaerobic wastewater treatment devices, add three-way evaporation desalination devices and VOC tail gas absorption and treatment devices, so that the “three wastes” can meet the relevant national emission standards.

The company has introduced new environmental protection processes and technologies, continuously improved environmental protection hardware supporting facilities, and invested in the construction of environmental protection projects. Through the scientific construction of energy system and environmental protection management system, the environmental protection management level of the company is continuously improved. All enterprise wastewater, boiler waste gas and incinerator waste gas are installed with online monitoring system to achieve up to standard discharge, and the emission concentration of main pollution factors is far lower than the standard requirements.

Implement cleaner production, constantly take measures such as improving design, using clean energy and raw materials, adopting advanced process technology and equipment, improving management and comprehensive utilization, reduce pollution from the source, improve resource utilization efficiency, and reduce or avoid the generation and emission of pollutants in the process of production, service and product use, To reduce or eliminate harm to human health and the environment.

“Energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction and efficiency increase” will become the major development direction of the company, and the concept of “green pharmaceutical” will be deeply implemented.

Post time: Jul-08-2021