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 - Ali Harvey, Australia

  "Hello friend,I just wanted to let you know that your raw powders are the best! 

We are receiving excellent results, especially from the Trenbolone. 

I will be in contact next month to place another order.

-billy Patterson,USA

  "We have tested your product both in the lab (spectroscopy), and on ourselves. 

Excellent results.

If the quality of your other powders is high, we will be doing consistent business.

I am very pleased thus far. 

I will contact you in about a week to schedule another order.

Thank you

- Micheal,Canada

  "hi,mate, I ordered Test Enanthate from you a while ago and it was some of the highest quality I

Have ever received, very sweet smelling and waxy, tested by HPLC at 99.8% so I was very pleased!

Thanks and look forward to your reply and doing more business in the future :)


Without having the right Licenses to produce Steroid powders a Factory are not operating under ISO Regulations .(Please Click Here for more information), this means regardless of what you are told they can not gaurantee anything about their powders. Third party suppliers publish and know almost nothing about the Manufacturer of their goods and this shows clearly in their quality/consistency and this is responsible for the high incidence of under-dosed products on the Steroid market today. Taiguisteroid are unique in that we are the only Steroid powder supplier that is in cooperation with a high profile, licensed and regulated Chinese manufacturer and the standard of the powders represent that.

taiguisteroid serves two types of Customer: The Whole-Sale buyer with a fully operational Steroid Lab and also the competitive Bodybuilder/Part-Time Bodybuilder. We are the only company to operate in such a way and we have a two-tiered price list which allows us to offer a 5g minimum order which has never been seen before in the Steroid powder industry. The wholesale prices apply for orders that contain 100g+,1000g+ total compound ordered and a small selection of our Steroid powders.