Innovative technologies

1) biotechnology: genetic engineering technology, efficient biotransformation technology, industrial enzyme catalysis technology

2) Green Chemistry: stereoselective reaction, green reagent solution, process strengthening technology

Reaction temperature: – 100 ℃ ~ 150 ℃

Hydrogenation reaction pressure: atmospheric pressure ~ 5 MPa

Reaction types: Grignard reaction, hydrogenation reaction, selective redox reaction, rearrangement reaction, witting reaction, fluorination reaction, Foucault reaction, enzyme catalyzed reaction, etc

In particular, we have rich experience, professional background and strong engineering and amplification ability in each link of synthetic route screening, development process optimization, process amplification and implementation.

Result: Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and change the predicament of high pollution and high energy consumption.

Production Process Of Steroidal Compounds

The common methods are chemical synthesis and microbial transformation, in which microbial transformation plays an important role in the whole production process. The biggest limitation of the chemical synthesis method applied to the stereochemical compound lies in its poor selectivity. The high specificity of enzymatic reactions catalyzed by biological enzymes can make up for the deficiency of Chemical Synthesis. The introduction of enzymes into steroids has been transformed into an ideal model.

Microbial enzymatic catalysis is the conversion of a specific part (or group) of an organic compound into another compound that is structurally similar. The final product of transformation is not produced through a series of metabolic processes of microbial cells, but is formed by chemical reaction of a specific part of the substrate using the enzyme system of microbial cells. The microbial transformation reactions to steroids are diverse, and they have the potential to bioconvert atoms or groups at every site of steroids, including the parent nucleus and side chains, there are oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, esterification, acylation, isomerization, halogenation, a ring opening, side chain degradation. Sometimes a microbe can also undergo several different reactions to a steroid at the same time. Hydroxylation is one of the most important reactions in microbial transformation of steroids. Microorganisms can carry out hydroxylation reaction at any position of steroids, but chemical method is difficult to introduce hydroxyl at other positions except C-17. The combination of chemical synthesis and microbial transformation is an effective production process, which greatly promotes the industrial production of steroid drugs.

Technical Advantages

1)The complete fermentation system

2)To realize the appilications of different chemical sybthesis technology

3)The manufacture and application development of enzyme

4)The perfect combination of different conversion

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