Injectable Trenbolone Enanthate / Tren E anabolic steroid for muscle building

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1, Product Name: Trenbolone Enanthate

2, Alias:trenbolone enanthate; trembolone enanthate; trienbolone enantate

3, Purity:99%

4, Character: yellow or pale yellow crystalline powder

5, Pharmacologic classification: anabolic steroid , Therapeutic classification: erythropoietic, anabolic steroid Molecular Formula: C25H34O3

7, Molecular weight: 382.54

8, Einecs No: 245-669-1

9, Molecular structure:


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Usage: Trenbolone Enanthate is only available from underground labs and was not designed for human consumption, although it is considered to be an ideal drug for bodybuilders who want to burn fat and gain muscle, although its long ester makes unwise for professional athletes who undergo testing to use.

Product Name: Trenbolone Enanthate Alias: trienbolone enantate
CAS No.: 10161-34-9 Purity: 99%
Type: anabolic steroid Feature: Natural, Safe, High Purity
Function: Muscle Gaining Steroid Usage: Burn fat and gain muscle

Trenbolone Steroids

Trenbolone Acetate  the single greatest anabolic steroid
Trenbolone Enanthate ne of the most powerful and effective steriodes 
Trenbolone Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate increase muscle growth and appetite
Metribolone non-aromatizable androgen
Trenbolone Base can be used as pharmaceutical material

Trenbolone Enanthate Recipes

(Notes: BB=benzyl benzoate; BA=benzyl alcohol; EO=ethyl oleate; Oil=grapeseed oil)

Common 200mg/mL Recipe for 100mL
20 gram Trenbolone Ethanate powder (15mL)
2mL BA (2%)
15mL BB (15%)
68mL Oil
Common 200mg/mL Recipe for 100mL
20 gram Trenbolone Ethanate powder (15mL)
2mL BA (2%)
15mL BB (15%)
68mL Oil
Common 200mg/mL Recipe for 100mL
20 gram Trenbolone Ethanate powder (15mL)
2mL BA (2%)
20mL BB (20%)
63mL Oil
Common 150mg/mL Recipe for 100mL
15 gram Trenbolone Ethanate powder (11.25mL)
2mL BA (2%)
15mL BB (15%)
71.75mL Oil
1000ml (Most large dissolve powder)
Trenbolone Ethanate Powder: 700 gram
Bensyl Alcohol: 52.5
Bensyl Bensoate: 420 ml
60mg/ml @250ml
15 gram Trenbolone Ethanate powder (11.25mL)
5mL BA (2%)
37.5mL BB (15%)
196.25mL Oil

Half-Life:5-6 Days

Usually stacked with:Testosterone enanthate, Equipoise, Anadrol, and Winstrol.

Usage: pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones

Storage:store in a clean and dry place at the room temperature below 30 degrees C.

Detectable time:5-6 months

Trenbolone Enanthate in bodybuilding for athletes

1.Quickly gain weight in shorter periods of time, up to 15 to 20 pounds;

2.Increase power indicators in different exercises;

3.Reduce cholesterol in the body;

4.Remove excess subcutaneous fat;

5.Acquire the desired dry and defined form of the muscles.

Trenbolone Enanthate Functions

Enhanced Protein Synthesis

Protein is the primary building block of muscle. It is not the only important factor but it is primary. This is not only important during periods of growth, but essential to periods of weight loss in a preservation capacity.

Enhanced Nitrogen Retention

All lean muscle tissue is comprised of approximately 16% nitrogen. As nitrogen levels fall, this can lead to a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. The more nitrogen we retain the more anabolic we remain. Again, the anabolic atmosphere is enhanced, recovery is improved and progress enjoyed.

Increased Red Blood Cell Count

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to and through the blood. As red blood cell count increases, this increases blood oxygenation levels. With greater blood oxygenation, this greatly improves muscular endurance. It will also promote more efficient muscular recovery and even play a role in a direct conditioning sense of a visual nature.

Increased IGF-1 Output

The hormone plays an integral role with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in a regulation sense and is extremely anabolic. It is also essential to recovery and our body’s ability to rejuvenate. So important, IGF-1 actually affects nearly every cell in the human body from muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons, cartilage, bone, the central nervous system and even affects our lungs to a degree.

Inhibition of Glucocorticoids

Glucocorticoid hormones are essential to our health but only in minimal levels. Trenbolone Enanthate will ensure levels are kept to a minimum state, in turn ensuring the powerful anabolic atmosphere is maintained.

Strong Binding Affinity to the Androgen Receptor

Trenbolone Enanthate can actually help you directly burn body fat. As we will later see, this is actually very beneficial during off-season periods of growth, as well as periods of cutting.

Increased Feed Efficiency

its ability to increase or enhance feed efficiency, often referred to as nutrient efficiency is what truly makes the Trenbolone hormone the greatest anabolic steroid of all time. By supplementing with Trenbolone Enanthate, each and every nutrient we consume becomes more valuable.

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