Injectable Testosterone Base / Suspention TTE Muscle Bodybuilding anabolic steroid

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Product Name: Testosterones Base

Alias: testred;TESTOSTERONE;testex;testoderm;TESTOSTERON

CAS No: 58-22-0

MF: C19H28O2

MW: 288.43

Purity: 99%

Package: According to your requirement.

Appearance: white crystall powdersolvents.

USES: it can promote male genital growth and keep their normal function.


Testosterone Base Cycle

Sample 8 week Suspension cycle
Monday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Tuesday 20mg Nolvadex
Wednesday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Thursday 20mg Nolvadex
Friday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Saturday 20mg Nolvadex
Sunday 20mg Nolvadex

Nolvadex is used to keep lipids positively influenced for those concerned with cardiovascular health. I have opted for an injection schedule of only three times per week to allow for comfort and because a more frequent schedule is not needed.
This cycle should produce rapid increases in strength and mass. I would use this cycle during a bulking phase. A more adventuresome user could stack a strong oral like Dianabol or Anadrol with the above cycle at 50mg daily producing an amazing and rapid increase in size and strength if nutrition, training and recovery are dialed in.

In most circles 500mg per week is considered the gold standard for optimal results. Yes, doses can range much higher than 500mg per week; it is not uncommon for many athletes to use as much as 1,000mg per week and while less common but certainly not rare even as high as 1,500mg per week.As for cycles, in this instance were referring to the duration of use, a common minimum length of time is 8 weeks, with 12 weeks being far more optimal for quality results. Dosage is adjusted according to the patient's response and the appearance of adverse reactions. 

Ester active hale-life

Items Active half-life
Testosterone base 4-6 hours
Methyl-testosterone 6-9 hours
Testosterone Propionate 2-3 days
Testosterone Cypionate 6-7 days
Testosterone Enanthate 5-7 days
Testosterone Phenylpropionate 3-4 days
Testosterone Isocaproate 7-9 days
Testosterone Decanoate 12-14 days
Testosterone Undecanoate 19-21 days

Testosterone Series Powder info

Testosterone Enanthate:a long lasting single ester steroid

Testosterone Undecanoate:main function is to promote metabolism

Testosterone Phenylpropionate:the principle male sex hormone and an anabolic steroides.

Turinabol :very good gains in strength

Testosterone Base:to increase the amount of muscle

Testosterone Isocaproate:main function is to promote metabolism

Testosterone Cypionate:mainly used for treatment of testosterone

Methyltestosterone:has been used as an androgenic agent

Sustanon 250:among bodybuilders and athletes for muscle building

Testosterone Acetate:commonly used for bodybuilding, physically maintaining

Testosterone Decanoate :an extremely effective bulking agent

Testosterone Propionate :responsible for promoting health and well-being

Fluoxymesterone:used in the treatment of male hypogonadism

Clostebol Acetate:mainly used in malnutrition

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